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Yayoi festival

2014/04/13 - 2014/04/17

Yayoi festival is venerable festival held by annual festival of Nikko Futara-san-jinja Shrine from the Nara era.
We are called "gota festival" while we respect old tradition and push forward event according to formality because it becomes trouble (the trouble) of fellow in the town block when one is wrong.
While person of flower body in 12 east and west plays Yayoi bayashio by eve of 16th and annual festival of 17th, we flock.


April 13 miniature shrine decoration festival
April 14 nichitakibishinshashinyotogohatsuyosai
       Liquor meeting type
       Arrival at Takio Shrine miniature shrine sedan chair festival
April 15 parishioner big festival
April 16 nichitakibishinshashinyokaesagohatsuyosai
       Sedan chair festival from head office Hongu Shrine miniature shrine
       Japanese Olympus act of God
       Head office, Takio, honkyushinshasanshinyokaesagochakuyosai
       [eve] Each house in the town body two wild mountain god Bridge concentration
       [eve] Eve ceremony
       [eve] Up bridge act of God, hand-kneaded expression
April 17 annual festival
       Arrival at Mikami sedan chair Hongu sedan chair festival
       Dedication entertainment
       The Akira God circumference
       Hand-kneaded ceremony in front of front shrine


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